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The International Rice Informatics Consortium (IRIC) aims to provide access to well organized information about rice, and to facilitate communication and collaboration for rice community, having germplasm diversity as a focal entry point.

Project Objectives

The goal of IRIC (International Rice Informatics Consortium) is to provide information and computational tools to facilitate rice improvement via discovery of new gene-trait associations and accelerated breeding. Hosted by IRRI, the IRIC has three major objectives:

  1. Organize available genotyping, phenotyping, expression and other available data for rice germplasm into a linked, consistent and reliable source of information for the global research community.
  2. Provide user-friendly access to browse, search and analyze the data through a single portal.
  3. Support information sharing, public awareness and capacity building.

Flagship Databases



The tool returns SNPs (and soon, indels) that fulfill user-selected filter criteria, for sets of accessions that you select. Information (phenotypic and passport data) about the re-sequenced varieties are also available here.

Data Contents (as updated on 03/23/2016)

  • 20 million rice SNPs from 3000 rice lines against Nipponbare
  • Genome browser:
    1. O. sativa Nipponbare
    2. O. sativa 93-11
    3. O. sativa IR64-21
    4. O. sativa Kasalath
    5. O. sativa DJ123


  • Search
    • Genotype
    • Varieties
    • Gene Loci
  • Browse
    • Rice Genomes
    • Phylogenetic Tree
    • MDS plot
    • Genome alignment


Technology Used

  • JBrowse