Plant Databases


The Plan Databases consortium aims to facilitate sharing information, expertise and experience between groups developing plant databases.

There are an increasing number of consortia developing plant databases hosting information from genomics through to crop breeding. Rather than develop these systems in isolation, we aim to facilitate the sharing of experience and expertise between groups. The Plan Databases consortium does not aim to promote specific approaches as these are fluid and it is up to each community to decide what is best for them. However there are opportunities to learn from each other and establish data standards, enabling comparative analysis between systems.

One approach to facilitate the sharing of experience is to undertake joint constructive reviews of projects. These reviews allow comparison of approaches, methods, aims and philosophy, with the reviewer providing an open report for the reviewed project as well as back to their own project group. The first such review will be undertaken by the International Rice Informatics Consortium who will review the Wheat Information System.

In addition to these reviews, the plant databases consortium aims to facilitate communication through:

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